Is my new stamped concrete patio and/or sidewalk slippery? 

A stamped concrete patio can be slightly more slippery then a standard broom finish concrete application. This is due to the application of a acrylic sealer that is applied to the stamped concrete. We always add an anti slip additive to the acrylic sealer that is a ground polypropolene and adds a gritty texture to the acrylic sealer. This is a very efvective product and we have installed pool decks with complete satisfaction. 

Can I apply salt in the winter? 

We do not recommend the use of salt or any other chemical deicer. These products cause numerous freeze thaw cycles to the surface of the concrete and can damage any concrete finish but more noticeably on decorative concrete. We do recommend the use of sand or cat litter as a traction agent and to keep the concrete clean with a plastic snow shovel. A good defense to winter damage is to make sure your concrete is properly maintained with adequate acrylic sealer to prevent the intrusion of deicers and water. 

What is the maintenance? 

Proper maintenance should include keeping the concrete patio clean and having adequate sealer. In winter the concrete should be kept clear with a plastic snow shovel and have a traction aid applied as necessary. In the summer the patio can simply be washed off as necessary. Resealing of the concrete with acrylic sealer is essential to the maintenance. Generally patios and sidewalks should be resealed every 2-3 years and driveways every 1-2 years. 

Will my new decorative patio fade? 

Upon completion of installation of our decorative projects we apply 2-3 applications of acrylic cure and seal. This helps maintain colour fade and the beauty of the concrete from staining and every day use. With proper maintenance of acrylic sealer as required the concrete does not fade or wear. Not to worry if the sealer maintenance has been neglected, we have numerous products to recolour the surface and a new application of sealer will bring back your patio/sidewalk to a like new appearance. 

What are the advantages to stamped concrete over other products? 

Our number one customer feedback is that stamped concrete does not have ants or weeds coming through. Beyond that we advocate that stamped concrete runs water and does not have any settling issues that can become future trip hazards. We also pride ourself in the fact that our product has a more natural appearance to blend with a natural hardscape surrounding.