Everything you need to know

In the installation of all of our patios and walkways the preparation of the base is essential to the durability of the concrete. Our sub-grade prep always consists of the removal of existing organics to allow for the addition of 75mm to 100mm of clear crushed 20mm limestone. The stone is then compacted and with the use of clear limestone you provide a base that allows excellent drainage under neath the concrete. 

With Fenelon Ready Mix Concrete we have created a custom concrete mix design that provides us with superior characteristics for installation and stamping and provides maximum strengths for extended durability. The concrete contains super plasticizing agents to allow the concrete to be installed at higher slump ranges without having to add water therefore giving us an end result of compressive strengths over 32mpa. 

All of our patios and sidewalks have an average depth of 125mm and any sidewalk or driveway that will have vehicular traffic will have an average depth of 150mm. The concrete is reinforced with 10mm rebar tied on a 2’ centre grid pattern and a 50mm structural fibre mesh integrally mixed into the concrete at the ready mix plant. This amount of reinforcing is standard in all our projects but we add either 15mm rebar or a smaller grid pattern if necessary depending on the particular project, use and location. This reinforcing combined with control cutting of the slabs the following day after installation help to provide a patio, driveway or sidewalk that will last for years without any heaving or separating. 

All our concrete projects receive an application of acrylic cure and seal. We apply the sealer 1 to 2 days following the installation of the concrete and it helps to keep moisture in the concrete to provide for better curing and provides a protective coating on the concrete. All our stamped projects receive a minimum of 2 applications and we add an anti-slip additive to the sealer that is a finely ground polypropylene that is not visible but creates a gritty feel to the sealer. We highly recommend that to maintain the beauty of your stamped projects they should be resealed every 1 to 2 years depending on location and use.